Is There an Actual Deer in Your Headlights?

Is There an Actual Deer in Your Headlights?

Mark's Auto Body manages deer hit repairs

You tried your best to keep an eye out. You slowed down when approaching those bright yellow crossing signs. But it all happened so fast. The flash of a white tail, the instant impact, the major dent - that deer was no match for your car. While roadkill is always unpleasant, it's difficult to feel warm and fuzzy towards furry friends when they've caused damage to your vehicle.

Fortunately, Mark's Auto Body makes affordable deer hit repairs. Call 319-624-3553 to schedule your appointment. We can work alongside your insurance company when unexpected accidents occur.

You're about to collide with a good deal

Whether your car was hit by an animal or another vehicle, you can contact Mark's for efficient service. We subcontract out all detailing requests but handle body repairs in-house. Ask us about:

  • Paint work
  • Panel replacement
  • Polar Paint Booths

Using a Chassis Liner frame rack and more than 30 years of experience, the Mark's team will thoroughly restore your vehicle's appearance.

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