One Man's Junk May Be Another Man's Treasure

But you'll only find quality used cars on our local lot

You've driven right on past used car lots before - you're just not sure if a pre-owned vehicle is a smart investment. Mark's Auto Body specializes in comprehensive car repairs, so we're not pushing car sales for the money. We simply like to provide the Solon corridor with options. Not everyone can afford a hefty monthly payment on a brand new vehicle. Visit Mark's if you're searching for a deal on a reliable ride.

Our shop prioritizes quality over quantity and sells five or six cars at a time.

3 perks of buying a used car from Mark's

If you're still undecided on a used car, consider these benefits of going the pre-owned route:

  1. You can pay less for a tuned-up vehicle
  2. You can easily view a vehicle history report
  3. Your insurance costs won't skyrocket

Mark's Auto Body will gladly advise you on your used car purchase. That new car smell is overrated, anyway. Call 319-624-3553 for details on our current selection of vehicles.

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